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String Man

String Man grew out of necessity. After reigniting my passion for the game of Lacrosse by introducing my daughter to it. It quickly became evident that in the southern US there was a lack of anything lacrosse. I began by stringing old used sticks with modern pockets. I found quickly these sticks were great once you updated the pocket. 

A company is built

After learning the craft of stringing and developing a certain Pocket Style of my own  I found myself inundated with requests and String man was born.   I next branched into the business of full stick sales as well as the string business. 

although I specialize in girls pockets and sticks I also boys sticks and pockets as well as all Goalie Sticks

Why Us

We believe that every pocket is like a fingerprint, unique to its owner. We ask questions and watch any film you care to supply and along with the player develop the perfect pocket. For their game. Our goal is for everyone who uses a string man stick is completely satisfied with every aspect of their purchase

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String Man Lacrosse

505 Butlers Bridge Drive, Mcdonough, Georgia 30252, United States

(404) 822-6685

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